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AI Scientist - Lawyer-In-The-Loop

Oslo, Full-Time

Change the legal industry

Would you like to fundamentally change an industry where the last innovation was email? Do you find the intersection of data, contracts, and law fascinating? Would you love to try to bring your expertise in data science to help small businesses with their legal bills? At Lexolve we are changing the legal industry by building an automated in-house lawyer for SMEs.

Our product is an automated digital lawyer for small businesses that give an overview of their legal situation and proactive advice and followups from our digital lawyer.

The role: AI Scientist

As an AI scientist, you will be responsible for researching and developing the models that support both interactions with the customer as well as doing decision support for the lawyer.
The goal is to model the customer's request and predicting what the lawyer will need in terms of documents, regulations, or policies.

You will drive Lexolve to be on the cutting edge of technology and provide new insights and solutions.

We need to combine reinforcement learning, NLP and semantic reasoning in a novel way, and you need to clean data, research and experiment with new ideas to get there. Ideally, also publish some of the results.

We are trying to build a completely new kind of product and are looking for creative people who are self-driven and love figuring stuff out on their own. As a startup, we do not have things already solved and engineered However having the Google Cloud AI platform helps.

What we are looking for

  • 3 years + experience as AI Researcher, Data Scientist or equivalent, in a modern tech company.
  • Ph.D. in Machine Learning or equivalent industry experience(Published papers in ML a plus)
  • Familiarity with Reinforcement Learning, Gaussian Processes, Transformers, Semantic Reasoning,
  • Up to date with recent ML research papers and experience adapt new approaches to solve real-world problems
  • Solid understanding of various software and data development tools, software processes, and environments.
  • Good collaboration skills with Software Engineers, Product Managers, and other stakeholders.

What we offer

  • A cross-functional team of exceptional scientists, lawyers, engineers, UX, and product managers.
  • A chance to form and build a company culture from the ground up
  • A generous option program so that you get a stake in the company.
  • A positive and encouraging atmosphere with a lot of laughs.

If you love a challenge and have fun doing it, reach out for a chat on careers@lexolve.com.